Letter: The State Senate Races Are Important


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Dear Editors:

Now that the Supreme Court is busy chipping away–-sometimes with a nail file, sometimes with an axe–-rights that we assumed were safe, our New Jersey state Senate elections are more important than ever. This November 7, voters will elect state senators in all of the state’s legislative districts for a four-year term to the New Jersey Senate. Now is the time to get busy getting to know who the candidates are. Many of them are appearing at local events; ask them questions. For incumbent candidates spend a few minutes seeing how they actually voted.

Don’t assume that because your district is in safe hands now it will be in the future. More than ever, things like immigration rights, reproductive rights, the rights of LGBTQ and trans children, not to mention gun protection, will largely be in the hands of the people voted in on November 7. Decide what kind of town and neighborhood and city you want to live in and then find out which candidate has a plan-–and not just the rhetoric-–to make that a reality.

Laura Morowitz

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  1. Time to flip Trenton. Enough of progressive rules and control. NJ is now a failing state. Remains the highest in the nation for taxes and the 4th most corrupt political state in the US.


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