Editorial Contribution Policy

MyVeronaNJ.com is a site for, and about Verona. Many Veronans, both current and former residents, have written or taken pictures and videos for MyVeronaNJ since we started, and the list of editorial contributors grows daily. Our contributors have included student interns, nascent bloggers and established editorial pros.

If you want to contribute editorially, here’s what you need to know:

Photos and videos: Any photos taken inside Verona’s schools must be cleared with school administrators before they are shared with MyVeronaNJ. The parents of some students have indicated that they do not want their children in the press and we honor that. School administrators know who has made the request and who hasn’t. If you want to submit photos of Verona High School sports, you may need our sponsorship of an official NJSIAA pass. Please do not just go on the field or court. E-mail us at virginia at myveronanj.com to talk about getting a pass.

Writing: If you have a blog and want MyVeronaNJ to pick up your posts, send us the URL. We’re looking for posts that touch directly on the Verona experience, not national or international events and sports. If you want to cover an event, please contact us first to see if it fits with our editorial philosophy. MyVeronaNJ also publishes op-eds by current and former residents. Like the comments we allow on the site, these pieces must be factual, fair and respectful. If you make claims, we will ask you to substantiate them before we publish your piece. As with commenters on MyVeronaNJ, independent contributors are responsible for all legal consequences arising from their writing, including libel, infringement of copyright or actions that threaten a third party. By agreeing to submit editorial work, you are agreeing to indemnify MyVeronaNJ.com LLC and its partners from any legal action arising from your work.