Letter: Tamburro Has Earned My Vote


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Dear Editor,

In an era where we are all connected by social media, constantly communicating with each other over text, iMessage, or even Messenger, it seems words are starting to lose their value. However, there is one person about whom words are hard to find because, to do so, would require an entire dictionary. To describe Dr. Christopher Tamburro would require more than this short letter, so I will try to capture his intelligent, resolute, and authentic character and to demonstrate how his experience more than qualifies him to be the perfect candidate for Town Council.

Dr. Tamburro, or “Tambo” as VHS graduates known him, was the first teacher I ever met at Verona High School – and one who has been a constant idol in my life thereafter. I am grateful to have had spent 3 out of my 4 years at VHS with him learning history like I never had before. I know it is cliché, but he has truly shaped me into the student I had hoped to be. Now imagine how he can be of service to shape Verona into the town we want it to be.

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From World history to American history all the way to AP Government and Politics during the 2016 election, Dr. Tamburro has taught me the value of engaging in the local community by using a wholistic perspective that not only incorporates relevant history, but also that takes an objective approach. In his classes, he always prompted us with open-ended questions that forced us to consider multiple positions justified with evidence, a skill with which he has imbued himself that will be beneficial in his responsibility as a Council member. Furthermore, his impartiality provided him with the ability to treat all students, regardless of their ideology, background, or age, as true equals. In a town that is continually diversifying, finding a candidate who can work on behalf of all constituents rather than his/her own personal or political gain is a true rarity. Luckily for us, we have found one living right around the corner.

With respect to his experience, Dr. Tamburro has been integrating into almost every aspect of this town, whether it is working on the Verona Rescue Squad to his aforementioned time at VHS. Moreover, his role as leader of the S.T.A.R Club, a volunteer-oriented organization in which VHS students work with 4th graders at the Verona elementary schools to prepare for entering 5th grade at HBW, is a testament to his commitment of fostering the growth of Verona’s very own.

In combination with his incredibly considerate and frank character, his decade of persistent service in Verona has reaffirmed why he has already earned my vote and should earn yours on May 11.

Austin Camp
Verona, NJ

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