Letter: 10 Reasons Why Jack Has My Vote


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To the Editor:

I work with Jack McEvoy regularly while serving on the Verona Planning Board. I also consider him a good friend and neighbor. Here are 10 reasons why Jack has my vote:

  1. As Mayor, Jack advocated for a complex deal among several parties that met town obligations, settled lawsuits, purchased valuable land to preserve it indefinitely, and prevented significant overdevelopment from occurring. It’s a remarkable achievement that will benefit the town for years to come.
  2. He’s pro-environment in exactly the right way. He knows that protecting our land is a critical part of preserving our town.
  3. The tree ordinance passed under his leadership does more than dapple our streets in sunlight. It protects us from stormwater runoff and soil erosion which has costly effects on us all.
  4. Jack is a lifelong Verona resident. He’s steeped in the town’s essence. He embodies its values.
  5. He governs with a skillful balance of meeting the demand for change while preserving the town’s character.
  6. His motivations are sincere, transparent, and solely in the interests of Verona. Always.
  7. Jack listens and considers every viewpoint he seeks ways to compromise but remains true to his core principles.
  8. He works tirelessly for us, yet never seems tired. It must be all that running.
  9. Even though he’s the Mayor, Jack is, first and foremost, a good neighbor. He’s approachable and available.
  10. It’s hard to come up with 10 reasons for anything. Making this list was easy.

I’m voting for Jack McEvoy because of these reasons. I hope you will too.

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Tim Camuti
Verona, NJ

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