Verona Police Blotter: May 14-20, 2017


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The Verona Police Department logged a total of 415 assignments during the week of May 14-20, 2017. Responses included the following:

  • 18 burglar alarms (13 residential, 5 commercial)
  • 39 Rescue Squad dispatches
  • 14 Fire Department dispatches
  • 14 motor vehicle crash scenes
  • 1 arrest
  • 87 motor vehicle stops that resulted in 70 traffic summonses being issued and 46 warning notices being issued.

May 14, 2017
2:25 PM: Officer William Frazee took a report of a fraud from a Mountain Road resident. The resident reported that she attempted to use her debit card and was declined. Upon checking her account, she discovered numerous fraudulent checks written against her account. The resident reported that the check numbers were from a recently placed check order that she never received. She has been in touch with her bank and the account has been closed.
8:22 PM: Officer Brian McMahon responded to a Lakeside Avenue residence on a report of a dispute. The homeowner reported a dispute with a contractor that he had hired, and wants him to leave the property. The contractor stated that he has tools in the residence that he needed to retrieve. The resident stated that there are no tools in the residence. The contractor was advised of complaint procedures.

May 15, 2017
12:14 PM: Officer Justin Nielsen took a report of an unwanted person at a Bloomfield Avenue business. The business owner reported that a former business partner entered the business and began knocking on the office door. He also reported the former partner took several photos before leaving the area. Later in the day, the business owner responded to police headquarters and reported continued harassment from his former partner through Facebook messages that he received.
2:25 PM: Officer McMahon took a report of fraud from a Midwood Avenue resident. The resident reported that while checking his credit report, he discovered a credit card had been opened in his name without his knowledge. The resident contacted the credit card company who canceled the account.

May 16, 2017
12:39 PM: Officer Giovanni Desomma responded to a Woodland Avenue residence on a report of an unwanted person. The resident reported that the person in question was a former boyfriend who she had not had any contact with in over 5 years. The resident stated that over the past few weeks, she has been receiving emails from the former boyfriend, however, she advised him that she wanted nothing to do with him and for him to stop contacting her. The former boyfriend was advised to leave the area and stop contacting the resident. The resident was advised of complaint procedures.
1:36 PM: Officer Ed Ruff took a report of a larceny from an Oak Lane resident. The resident reported that he received a letter from the City of New York stating that a license plate reader photographed his license plate committing a violation in December. The resident reported he had been stopped in November for not having a rear license plate. He turned the vehicle into the car dealer in late November but had never reported the plate as stolen. The license plate was entered as stolen in the state computer system.
2:43 PM: Officer Michael Barone took a report of a fraud from a Durrell Street resident. The resident reported receiving a call earlier in the day from a male who began to ask him to verify his personal information. When the resident refused to supply any information he was transferred to a female who again attempted to get him to verify his personal information. After several minutes of speaking to the female the resident hung up the phone.
6:47 PM: Officer Jordan Descafano responded to a report of a neighbor dispute on Fairway Avenue. The resident reported that his neighbor revved his engine loudly and drove past his residence almost striking his daughter. The resident reported there have been several other issues with the neighbor that he has not reported. All parties were advised of complaint procedures.

May 18, 2017
7:06 PM: Officer Thomas Conroy took a report of a fraud from a Malvern Place resident. The resident reported speaking with a male regarding a vacation rental property in Point Pleasant. The male advised the resident to submit a deposit and provided her with a bank account number and routing information. When the resident submitted the deposit, the bank contacted her advising that the transaction was flagged and rejected as fraudulent. The resident lost no funds and no personal information was provided.

May 19, 2017
12:25 PM: Officer Brendan Huber took a report of a larceny from a Pompton Avenue business. The business owner reported that he had entered into an agreement with another business regarding a settlement from a lawsuit. The two parties made an agreement regarding payments from the settlement. To date no payments have been received.
3:28 PM: Sgt. John Lecreux took a report of fraud from a Lynwood Road resident. The resident reported that she discovered an online Photobucket account had been created using her personal information. She was provided with identity theft information.

May 20, 2017
7:43 PM: Officer Brian McMahon responded to a report of an individual trapped under a piece on construction equipment on Brookside Terrace. With assistance from Officer Steve Young, they were able to lift the equipment so the individual could get his foot out from under the equipment. The individual was uninjured.

Any individual named in these reports is presumed innocent until a decision is rendered by the courts. updates police blotter reports with the disposition of the case upon request and with submission of documentary proof. We do not remove stories or delete names based on an expungement.

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