Letter: Don’t Just Vote Friendship, Research Candidates


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Dear Editor:

Do you have a neighbor or friend that you would trust enough to handle your household finances or make household decisions for you and your family if you couldn’t do it yourself? NO?

Then why would you vote for a person to represent your interests on the Verona Town Council, just because “he is my neighbor”, “he is my friend” or simply because “he is a nice guy”.

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Think about it. If you had to find someone to handle your household finances or decisions, you would certainly do your research and consider each person’s applicable experience, background and skills. You would look at their records to date. You would certainly conduct an Internet search and check their websites; you would check references and speak to people.

This is a critical election coming up on May 12, 2015. Please take the time to “do the research” and decide who are the best 2 people to represent you, the taxpayer, your household’s interests and Verona’s interests on the Town Council.

We did and we are very encouraged that we have 2 excellent candidates running for election and re-election. It didn’t matter which candidate was “our friend” or “our neighbor”. It mattered that these 2 candidates will be the taxpayer’s voice and truly be intelligent leaders with a purpose and a plan. It just so happens that they are also “nice guys”.

NOW is the time for us to elect the only 2 representatives that will end the Verona Town Council voting gridlock and move Verona forward. It’s about your future and Verona’s future. Remember, your “nice friend” or your “nice neighbor” will not know who you voted for on Election Day.

The beauty of our country is that we have the freedom to vote, so please make sure you and your family members are registered and don’t miss an opportunity to vote in person or by mail-in ballot. Your vote can be the one vote to make a difference.

Register to Vote:

Vote on May 12, 2015 for Verona Township Council representatives.


Mary and Larry Bovich
Verona, NJ

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  1. I find it incredible that a rational person who “did the research” could conclude that ANY sitting Verona council member deserves to be re-elected. The candidate you appear to be endorsing has contributed NOTHING constructive — unless you see value in not possessing a fundamental understanding of municipal government processes or continual, time-wasting, uninformed whining at public meetings.

    By not taking the time to “do his homework” he has positioned himself as a genuine liability to our town – and has been publicly cautioned of this fact several times by our town attorney during televised council meetings. But he (arrogantly or ignorantly) continues his childlike behavior. Certainly, we can do better.

    This town needs alternative answers from council members who not only possess expertise but are also willing to invest the time it takes to construct non-contentious solutions – for four years NOW, your candidate has proven he possesses neither the expertise or the willingness to invest the time required.

  2. Please be it known the previous post, attacking Michael Nochimson, is not from me! Sad to say, that other Steve Johnson (who Is that guy??) fails to realize how goaded Nochimson was by the far less professional behavior of our town manager. More important, that Michael’s been the only councilman supporting Kevin Ryan’s heroic efforts to rein in the Manager’s profligate spending/raising our taxes. Only by simultaneously re-electing Nochimson and electing Alex Roman to join Ryan do we get a council majority responsive to the whole town’s welfare.

  3. A child could recognize the dysfunction of our town manager and it goes far beyond lacking “professional behavior.” The only thing Michael Nochimson has done to counter this behavior is act like an unprofessional, bratty child himself.

    It is painfully obvious that Michael Nochimson has invested no time to learn the responsibilities of a municipal councilman under Verona’s form of government and even less time creating and presenting solutions to our high taxes. He has, in fact, only contributed to this predicament by creating unnecessary refereeing by the town attorney and voting for projects that Verona cannot afford.

    I have seen nothing concrete from either Nochimson or the “heroic” Kevin Ryan to “rein in spending” – only philosophical banter in the form of bickering like a 5-year-old child on a playground. Where is their in-depth budget analysis? It appears that no Verona councilman has spent any time analyzing the budget and identifying lines where big savings can be easily found. Where are the non-contentious solutions?

    Sound solutions take the commitment of time and effort – and that commitment has clearly NOT been invested by any sitting council member. If you can show me any examples, I’d love to hear them. If not, there is no logical reason to support the re-election of any incumbent councilman, especially Michael Nochimson.


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