Tag: Fred Goode


Behind The Fireworks

You know what the fireworks looked like when they went off last night. But did you know what went on behind the scenes? Fred...

Conference Picks Boys’ Lax All-Stars

Five Verona lacrosse players have been named to the Super Essex Conference All-Conference team. Junior midfielder Greg Schiffenhaus and junior defenseman Jack Denton were...

Verona Park In Fog

Sometimes, even bad weather can be beautiful. We got this image the other day from Fred Goode, and today seemed the perfect day to use...

A Hilltop Sunset

The weather left us short of inspiration today. Then we got this photo from Fred Goode.

Verona Lake On Ice

Fred Goode was down at Verona Park with his camera this weekend, and he's sent us some wonderfully evocative pictures of the frozen lake....

Kip’s Castle In Snow

Just thought you might want to start the day with a beautiful photo.

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