Candidate: Michael P. Nochimson

Michael Nochimson on MyVeronaNJ's 2011 election page
Michael Nochimson, candidate for a 4-year term

Candidate: 4-Year Town Council Term
Ballot Line: 3A
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Campaign Questions:
QUESTION ONE: What specific cost-cutting or service sharing tactic from another town would you like to bring to Verona and why?
Michael Nochimson’s response
QUESTION TWO: If you could add one new service to Verona’s budget, what would it be?
Michael Nochimson’s response

Candidate Statement

Michael Nochimson resides on Stocker Road with his wife of 15 years, Kimberley, and their two children, Molly, 12; Abigail, 9. Michael, a 9 year resident of Verona believes that he can help solve Verona’s fiscal challenges and contribute to its bright future.

Michael has been working in financial services for 20 years with expertise in the institutional sales and trading of capital market instruments. He currently works with ICAP Corporates, in Jersey City and builds on previous work with Goldman Sachs, and Spear Leeds & Kellogg. His success in business is attributable to his strong work ethic and commitment to improvement. He is a team player and a quick study with an affinity to detail. He is committed to leveraging his experience, skills & resources for the
betterment of Verona.

Michael is an active member of the Verona community. He has been on the Verona Pool Committee for more than 6 years, and served as vice chairman. He has been a coach and assistant coach in the Verona youth recreational leagues. His wife Kimberley teaches kindergarten at The Laning Avenue School and has been troop leader of her
daughters’ Girl Scout Troop for six years.

Michael was born in Los Angeles, California and his family moved to western Massachusetts when he was 7.  He lived there until attending Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA and graduated with a bachelors in business in 1991. Michael’s father’s family grew up in Paterson and West Paterson and his wife’s family grew up in Upper Montclair, NJ.

When elected to the Town Council I will work hard to help solve the issues facing Verona. In my conversations with Verona residents, I’ve heard many stories of the difficult financial decisions that people have made during these challenging financial times.

What Verona residents want most is for the town government to understand that the increasing tax burden on the people is unsustainable. Our residents want to know that the town is also challenged to make these difficult financial decisions and lifestyle changes. As I listen to their stories, I am often inspired by the solutions employed to achieve the required outcome.

As people who know me would agree, I am goal oriented, disciplined and persistent. My financial background, strong people skills, and ability to develop and sell feasible solutions are my core competencies, which if elected, will translate to improved results in our town.

My approach to problem solving is simple: I listen to the issues, work toward understanding, develop shared goals, and lead toward our common future.

In times of financial constraint it is essential to prioritize goals and align interests within the community. I will help capture synergies and create efficiencies within Verona and surrounding communities by connecting people and departments to do more with what we have. I will embrace technology for purposes of facilitating communications, improving services, increasing safety and reducing expenses. These business
fundamentals and others are essential to Verona’s future.

I will focus on driving activity, revenue and commerce by furthering the use of our town treasures such as the Verona Community Center, Verona Park, town center and business districts, and schools. We will make Verona a destination point again.

I will further enhance quality of life in Verona by leveraging the vitality of our youth and recreational programs. We will focus on services for seniors and help connect them to resources that help improve their quality of life.

The solutions to Verona’s issues are in front of us, the voice for change grows. It is time to cut through the politics and secure the town’s financial future today. It is time to make decisions and to take action. I am the candidate that will bring forth that action and together we will realize Verona’s greater future.

The time for Positive Impact is now … Vote Nochimson Now!

Nochimson Now – Platform

  • Simple Ideas … Positive Impact
  • Financial Integrity – debt reduction and tax management
  • Town Security and Safety – schools, high traffic zones, policing
  • Improve Communications – Connect people and departments
  • Streamline services – Do more with what we have
  • Support Senior Services – Improve quality of life
  • Better leverage town assets – Community Center, Parks, Schools, Pool, etc.
  • Verona First – Pro-Business Initiatives to stimulate local business.
  • Verona as a Destination – Market the Culture of Verona