Question 1, Shared Services: Michael Nochimson Response

What specific cost-cutting or service-sharing tactic from another town would you like to bring to Verona and why?

The “shared service” model is a proven, cost-reduction strategy. When implemented successfully; it typically results in a 30% expense reduction annually. Verona has experienced similar results by leveraging of our IT and Building Inspector expertise.

Success in “shared-services” is realized when budget conditions, need and preparedness meet. The question is: Are we prepared to embrace shared-services?

As your councilman, I will be proactive in promoting shared services both within Verona and with our neighboring communities.

Importantly, Verona’s leadership in shared services will directly impact our towns future as new mandates from Trenton and Essex County are being pushed upon us.< These mandates are geared to drive cost reduction and government innovation at the local level through shared service arrangements. This is part of the Governments' response to drive the change necessary to help local communities adapt to the greatly weakened financial environment. The cost for being unprepared for these mandates might be more painful to Team Verona than the perceived disruption of needed change to the status quo. My job as councilman is to make sure Verona is prepared to compete, Now and in the future. Joint purchasing arrangements and Inter-local shared services agreements are central to achieving financial results. My goal is for our residents, town personnel, and neighboring communities to be "Raving Fans" of Verona and our town services. Through this process we will push one another to become better and this is essential to maximizing the future health and vitality of our community.