Question 1, Shared Services: Kevin Ryan Response

What specific cost-cutting or service-sharing tactic from another town would you like to bring to Verona and why?

I would like to see Verona explore the possibility of either sharing or merging our municipal court services. This has recently taken place in two other counties involving six towns. In Bergen county Montvale, Park Ridge and Woodcliff Lake merged to form Pascack Joint Court. The three towns spent $565 thousand combined on court services. The new venture is estimated to cost $305,000, a considerable saving. In Sussex County, Wantage, Sussex Borough and Stillwater will merge to form one court. During the last Town Council meeting Mr. Martin gave a glowing report on the efficient operation of the Verona Municipal Court under the direction of Judge John Papparazzo. I believe this would be an incentive for other municipalities to take advantage of the efficiencies introduced in Verona. It is my understanding we already possess the capability to conduct interactive video proceedings. It is possible that a complete merger with another system is too complex. A shared services agreement might be quicker and more practical. It is also conceivable that grant money might be available to compensate for any start up costs.