Rescue Squad Honors Members, Installs New Officers


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The Rescue Squad presented a Stork Award to Frederick C. Tempesta, Fred Santoro, MIchael Schumell, Connor McCann and David Conlan for delivering a baby boy in January.
The Verona Rescue Squad celebrated 92 years of service to the community at its annual dinner this past weekend, honoring many members for their service and installing new officers for 2020.

Verona Mayor Jack McEvoy presented VRS member Sandra Bowman with a proclamation recognizing her for 30 years of service to the squad. Karen Blasi-Blinder, Jerome Gordon, Michael Schumell, Christopher Tamburro and Nancy Wands were recognized for 10 years of service and presented with Life Member certificates. Tom Jung was recognized as 2019 Verona Rescue Squad Member of the Year.

Mayor Jack McEvoy presented Sandra Bowman with a proclamation recognizing her for 30 years of service to the squad.
The squad also recognized several of its younger members. Arianna Tietjen was recognized as the Youth Member of the Year and Ariella Dattlekramer was recognized as Rookie of the Year. Gavin Tremper was recognized for responding to 429 calls in 2019. Patrick Sullivan was presented with a Chief’s Award for his outstanding contributions to the squad.

Arianna Tietjen was recognized as the Youth Member of the Year.

Frederick C. Tempesta, Fred Santoro, Michael Schumell, Connor McCann and David Conlan received a Stork Award for their delivery of a baby boy in January. In addition to the delivery, the all-volunteer squad, which now includes 130 members, saved seven people with CPR in 2019 and had more than a dozen members make more than 100 calls each; some made more than 300 and even 400 calls. One member, William Horton, was recognized for more than 5,000 lifetime calls—-5,524 to be exact.

A Class B award was presented to Santoro, Schumell, Tamburro and Tempesta, as well as Kate Stanisci, James A. Simpson and David Traill. Class B awards are presented for performance beyond the scope of normal duty or job function in which the member demonstrates an extraordinary display of judgement, skill and execution of a plan of action.

Class C awards were presented to Blasi-Blinder, Tempesta and Tamburro, as well as Cassandra Jung and Susan DeWitt for their efforts in completely re-writing the Verona Rescue Squad By-Laws.

A Class D award was presented to Emily Boyer and David Conlan. This award is presented for a display of particular excellence in the performance of duties within the scope of practice but under unusual circumstances.

A weather award was presented to the members who stood by during the December 2, 2019 snowstorm in which the Verona Rescue Squad responded to 14 calls for assistance. That group included Conlan, Dattlekramer, Horton, McCann, Schumell, Simpson, Stanisci, Sullivan, Tamburro, Tempesta, and Tremper, as well as Kelley Tierney and Anthony Pengue.

The VRS also named new officers for 2020 officers. Cassandra Jung will be president; Frederick C. Tempesta is chief; Jennifer Bachan, Denise Scheerer, Christopher Tamburro and David Traill are members at large; Sandra Bowman is 1st vice president; Karen Jung is 2nd vice president; and Tom Jung is secretary.

Prout Funeral Home and Bunky’s Auto were recognized for their many years of support for the Verona Rescue Squad.

Joann Schumell administers the oath of office to the 2020 officers, (L-R) President Cassandra Jung, Chief Frederick C. Tempesta, Member at Large Christopher Tamburro, 1st Vice President Sandra Bowman, Secretary Thomas Jung, Member at Large David Traill and 2nd Vice President Karen Jung. (Not pictured: Treasurer Denise Scheerer and Member at Large Jennifer Bachan.)
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