Middle School Insider: Don’t Be A Bully


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In his presentation, Dr. Fowlin acted out scenes about bullying, some of which were from his childhood.

“Are you a zebra or a moth?” That was the question that Dr. Michael Fowlin asked of students at H.B. Whitehorne Middle School during an incredible presentation in February.

Better known as Mykee, Fowlin is an actor, psychologist and poet. By combining his talents, Mykee performs touching assemblies all around the country, many of which are about bullying: 30% of students in grades six through 10 are involved in moderate or frequent bullying, either as the bully or the victim. Bullying is a problem in all schools. Unfortunately, we witness bullying all the time and it must be prevented. Students should feel safe and happy when they are in school and anywhere they choose to be.

In his presentation, Mykee went through many possible circumstances of bullying situations, some in which were true stories of his childhood. Students’ hearts, boys and girls, were touched by these influential acts. Many students shed tears because of his touching stories.

What do zebras and moths have to do with all this? Mykee said that most people respond to bullying by acting like one or the other of these creatures.

A zebra is a person who watches bullying and does not try to stop it. If a lion attacks a zebra, another zebra will watch the fight, and not try to help. Zebras don’t change. Although a moth only lives about a week, it will always look for the light and stay positive. Moths can change.  People who really change for the better, people who stop being bullies or who stop letting others be bullied, are a good example of a moth. They will always look for the “light” of a situation. In life, it is important to strive for your best, and to be optimistic. This will help get through life’s more difficult challenges. In any situation, be a moth, not a zebra. “Stay positive,” Mykee said. “Look for improvement. Always look on the bright side.”

We need to look for improvement because bullying is a serious issue and it must be treated like one. It is unacceptable for students to feel unsafe or unhappy in their environment. Cyber bullying (bullying through the Internet) is now another large issue, with all of the new technological advances that have been made. Victims are really affected. In some severe cases, bullies can change the lives of their victims in a terrible way, depending on what level the bullying is at. Victims have taken their own lives because they felt they would be happier to not be alive. This is not only inexcusable, but an alert to all people of how severe bullying can be. One out of four kids have experienced some type of bullying. However, one out of five kids admit to doing some “bullying”. This is absolutely absurd, and unfair to kids who deserve peace and happiness in their lives.

Dr. Michael Fowlin changed the way the students of HBW feel about bullying. He touched our hearts and really gave valuable advice about how to handle situations. He showed us how serious bullying really is. Mykee is an incredible teacher, role model, and person. Bullying is NOT a joke. Next time you observe bullying, remember–be a moth, not a zebra.


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