Question 2, New Services: Frank Sapienza Response

If you could add one new service to Verona’s budget, what would it be?

I thought long and hard on this question and found it to be a very difficult one to answer. But the more I thought, I came to the realization that it was difficult to answer because the programs supported by our budget presently are so varied, creative, and include and service such a wide variety of residents, it is challenging to come up with something that we are not already doing. We have been hearing recently about the need to reduce our spending, to cut costs, to tighten our belts and flatten our budget. Something new would most certainly cost money. I would much prefer to work within our budget to possibly augment the many and varied programs already in existence. If we are wise and creative in our research and implementation, I am certain that we can find ways, particularly through our Recreation Department, to increase the support of our senior citizens, especially those living on fixed income, to offer more programs for our youth and young families. Anyone would be thrilled to come up with the next “big thing”, the next new idea, that revolutionizes everyone’s life, but that may not be necessary. People move to, and stay in Verona because of the services we already offer and the warmth of community they feel . I think it is most important that we strive to maintain them at the reasonable cost we have. We can and should always continue to look for what’s new and valuable to bring to our residents, but to also not lose sight of what we have and, need to continue to nurture.