Question 1, Shared Services: Dan McGinley Response

What specific cost-cutting or service-sharing tactic from another town would you like to bring to Verona and why?

I would like to have Verona enter an agreement with the County of Essex to provide snowplowing services on County roads (Bloomfield Avenue, Prospect Avenue, Lakeside Avenue, etc.). The Borough of Maywood, NJ has a similar agreement with the County of Bergen to perform snowplowing operations on County roads located within that municipality.

Despite the recent record-breaking winter snows, Verona cleared local roads quickly and has the capacity to handle clearing the County roads. Verona’s Public Works personnel are familiar with the County roads and often travel them while clearing town roads. Verona personnel know the importance of access to businesses and residences on County roads and could provide a greater degree of service than Essex County personnel currently provide. Essex County would save money on labor and equipment while Verona would realize an income from providing a service it is well positioned to supply. In an ideal situation, similar agreements between Essex County and other municipalities could ultimately result in a County tax savings for Verona residents.