Question 1, Shared Services: Bruce Williams Response

What specific cost-cutting or service-sharing tactic from another town would you like to bring to Verona and why?

I would like to see a migration to solar-powered emergency vehicles as well as public works vehicles become more of a reality.With the attention towards protecting our environment, and reducing idling to producing less emissions into the atmosphere a greener approach will make Verona a leader in environmental awareness. Police vehicles are used 24 hours a day, clocking thousands of miles each year.

With fuel costs at peak levels and awareness of pollutants at the forefront, merging to new technologies is more evident than ever. We have witnessed major corporations that have fleets in the thousands of vehicles migrate their units to a more eco-friendly vehicle. Whether it is a Public Works vehicle at the scene of a road emergency, or a police vehicle at the scene of a motor vehicle accident, the greener technology will have a positive effect on our environment.

By combining efforts with surrounding towns, and migrating purchasing efforts as new vehicles are needed, the impact can only be positive both on budgets and the environment. Impacts: Fuel Costs, Cleaner Environment.