Letter: Strumolo Has Matured


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To the editor:

My family and I have been proud residents of Verona for over 50 years. We truly care and love this town and its people.

Sadly, this week we witnessed something that tarnished the image of our beloved town.

It took the form of a horrible display of partisan politics.

The victim of this assault was Christian Strumolo—-candidate for Verona’s town council. The collateral damage was to Christian’s family.

Someone under the misguided notion of “full disclosure” chose to go public with Mr. Strumolo’s history of transgressions.
I’m not writing this to minimize or whitewash these episodes.

However, I do believe in redemption.

As far as I’m aware, Christian has matured and is walking the straight and narrow.
I also know he cares deeply about Verona and is on the right side of the issues many of us care about.

A perfect case in point is his stance on a cannabis shop in Verona. He is steadfastly against it. Right now, his opponents have a convenient case of amnesia and have denied their pro-cannabis position…the public record proves otherwise.

There is a saying that “politics is a blood sport”. Sadly, I never thought I’d see that blood run down Bloomfield Ave.

Frank Di Giacomo

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