Letter: Verzella Is An Excellent Advocate For Children


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To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter as a citizen of Verona, not on behalf of any organization. The views expressed are entirely my own.

As the Co-President of C.H.I.L.D., a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to children who receive special education services from the Verona Public Schools, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Denise Verzella, over the past three years. During this time, Denise has been an invaluable member of the C.H.I.L.D. board, working hard to further our mission of bridging the gap between general education and special education, and advocating for children with learning challenges and/or disabilities.

Denise’s volunteer work did not begin with C.H.I.L.D. When I was the President of the Junior Women’s Club of Verona from 2012 to 2014, Denise and I worked closely together on several projects. As the Education Chair, Denise was responsible for organizing and executing our annual Spelling Bee for 4th and 5th grade Verona students and leading our scholarship application process for Verona High School seniors. Additionally, Denise spent countless hours volunteering for other committees and events during her time in the Junior Women’s Club of Verona.

Working with Denise over the years, I’ve been impressed with her ability to look at problems from several different angles and to workshop ideas until we’ve found the best solution. Tireless, passionate, brave, and empathetic, Denise has shown time and again that she is an excellent advocate for children and an informed and intelligent asset to any organization.

For these reasons, I’m honored to support Denise Verzella in her bid for the Verona Board of Education. I have no doubt that, if elected, she will serve our community with the same passion and thoughtful care that she has displayed while working with two Verona nonprofit organizations.

Kristen Donohue


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