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NFTs For Ukraine


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NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” a complicated way of saying that it’s a way to use digital technology to sell unique rights to things like art. It’s also a way to get relief aid to Ukraine.

Matej Silecky, who grew up in Verona, was working on an NFT project before Russia invaded Ukraine. He was on vacation with Ukrainian-American friends and family when that happened on February 24, and stopped everything to create an NFT art sale that will direct its proceeds to Ukraine.

According to Silecky, the digital artwork consists of 3,333 Ukrainian-themed NFTs, which can be minted on the Solana blockchain. Donations will be made either to the Ukrainian World Congress’ Unite With Ukraine program or directly to Aid for Ukraine, a cryptocurrency collaboration.

Silecky says that if all the NFTs are minted, the project should raise $25,000, though that could vary depending on NFT sales and conversion rates.

“The goal is to provide the largest possible donation support to Ukraine as quickly as possible,” he says. “This artwork, begun before Russia’s baseless invasion, is intentionally lighthearted, showing many aspects of Ukrainian culture in a happy way. Mint your own NFT and share the love, passion and strength that is Ukraine!”

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