NJ To Lift COVID Gathering, Dining Restrictions


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At his weekly coronavirus briefing on Monday, Gov. Phil Murphy announced that the state would be lifting many restrictions on gathering and eating that had been imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s what’s changing, by date:

  • Friday, May 7, the prohibition on indoor bar-side seating ends
  • May 7, the ban on buffets and other self-service foods at restaurants ends
  • May 7, outdoor gatherings can go up to 500 people
  • May 7, indoor gatherings can go up to 50% of capacity or 250 people
  • May 7, dance floors can again be used at proms and other indoor events
  • Wednesday, May 19, the 50% capacity on indoor dining limit ends. Restaurants will be allowed to operate at whatever capacity allows them to continue to ensure a minimum six-foot distance between groups.
  • May 19, the 50% capacity limits for indoor and outdoor settings/businesses currently governed by percentage-based cap like gyms and salons, will be lifted. Six feet of social distance will be required between individuals and groups.
  • May 19, the general indoor social gathering limit will increase to 50 individuals.

Also on May 19, the state anticipates completely removing the limit on outdoor gatherings. All attendees or groups of attendees will be required to keep social distances of at least six feet. Current mask requirements will remain in place.

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