Letter: McEvoy Always Puts Verona First


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To the Editor:

I met Jack McEvoy many years ago, way before his first run for Town Council and of course his role as Mayor of Verona. I was struck by his willingness to assist others not only on our street, but anyone in town. Whether it was getting up super early after a snowstorm to clear the sidewalks and driveways of the houses on our street, assisting someone who lost power due to a storm, or offering a helping hand to anyone he happened to see struggling (I’ve actually witnessed him on stop his car to help anyone who could use an extra set of hands), Jack is generous with his time and invaluable with his knowledge and his ability to assist others.

Jack has always had his finger on the pulse of Verona. For years he has been a regular attendee at Verona’s Planning Board and Town Council Meetings. There, he uses his lived experiences as a lifetime resident of Verona, a general contractor and home inspector to vocalize the needs of the town and Verona residents. He uses his knowledge to identify the flaws and inconsistencies of what is being proposed and the possible effects on the community. For instance, a few years ago, Jack researched a proposed development that on the surface appeared to be “good for Verona.” His thorough investigation found the proposed development would destroy the integrity of Verona, crowd our classrooms, and damage the foundation and infrastructure of many nearby houses. Jack spearheaded a successful effort to halt the invasive and detrimental project.

Take a look at Jack’s accomplishment and proposed plans for Verona. Jack’s “Always Verona” stance is evident in his actions as a private citizen and in his elected positions. Whether he is supporting local business ventures, attending community fundraisers, bringing awareness to social and environmental issues, examining development plans, or going about his daily routines, he continues to keep the best interest and well-being of Verona and our residents in the forefront.

As an educator, a mother of two children and a 17-year resident of Verona, I wholeheartedly, support Jack McEvoy’s re-election to Verona’s Town Council and encourage others who really care about Verona to do the same because a Vote for Jack McEvoy is Always a vote for YOU!. Vote Jack McEvoy, 4A on Tuesday May 11, 2021.

In Gratitude,
Lucinda Harris-McConnachie
Verona, NJ

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