Letter: Verona Needs McEvoy And Holland


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To the Editor:

During the next year, the Verona Township Council will have a significant role in setting the tone for Verona’s future, as it reviews and adopts a revised Master Plan. There are two candidates for Council who possess the ideologies and skills needed to ensure that Verona’s future includes sustainable, green, energy-efficient building requirements and infrastructure planning. These candidates are Jack McEvoy and Cynthia Holland.

In his tenure on the Verona Council, Jack has proven himself to be an advocate for the environment as well as a dedicated proponent of the Township’s business community. He is an effective leader, who works diligently to keep our municipal taxes in check. Jack has long been an advocate of sustainable development, and also recognizes that compliance with the State’s affordable housing mandates requires creative thinking and carefully crafted plans proportionate to our Township’s size – and the fact that Verona is already 98 percent developed.

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Cynthia Holland is an attorney who has served as a director of the Board of Public Utilities and also as a deputy attorney general who acted as counsel to that Board. In those capacities, she has extensive experience with utilities asset management plans. Cynthia proposes that Verona follow the advice of the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection, and develop an asset management plan for our drinking water and waste water assets, i.e., our water and sewer systems. Such a plan will allow Verona to take a fiscally sound approach to upgrading essential utilities, instead of reacting to crises, a practice that can be far more costly than a planned approach. In addition, Cynthia is a proponent of clean energy, and finding ways to utilize it in Verona to save taxpayer dollars.

Jack McEvoy and Cynthia Holland know that Verona’s future must be sustainable and green. These candidates also understand the importance of engaging the residential and business communities through improved communication and outreach to ensure that ideas are being generated and considered, and needs are being met.

I believe we can be confident that Verona will be well-represented by the re-election of Jack McEvoy and the election of Cynthia Holland to the Verona Council.

Very truly yours,
Catherine Tamasik
Verona, NJ

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