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Letter: McEvoy Is An Outstanding Listener And Leader


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To the Editor,

I am thankful for the all of the people who have an interest in running for our upcoming Town Council positions, but one candidate stands out among the others for me, that being Jack McEvoy.

I was fortunate to have been born and raised in Verona and I continue to be proud to still call Verona my home today. There are so many reasons why I love our town, and one important reason is the amazing people we have as our residents. My parents raised me to value the sense of family and a pride for the community of Verona.

I have been blessed to have a 40-plus-year friendship with Jack, a friendship that I treasure. It is easy for me to speak about the many positive qualities that Jack has, as I have seen them exhibited over and over throughout the years.

Jack has the same love of family and our town as I do. Verona is his second family and a place that he has shown the willingness to do anything to help support. Jack can often be seen volunteering his services to countless projects in our town. From his help with many church fundraisers at Our Lady of the Lake, to spending time cleaning up Verona Park or the Peckman River. Jack has always gone above and beyond to do whatever it takes to make Verona a better place to live.

Jack is an outstanding listener, leader, is easily approachable and never too busy to engage with the residents of Verona. Whether from town officials, business owners, or concerned citizens, he carefully considers all suggestions, before deciding on how to act upon them. It’s because of this that he has a way of making everyone around him feel valued.

Jack is trustworthy and honest. If he tells you that he will do his best to get something done, you can rest easily knowing that he will do just that. He also always acts with integrity, a trait that is valued greatly in someone who is sitting on the Town Council.

Jack regularly attended our town meetings long before he was elected to the Town Council. He did so not only because he wanted to share his thoughts and ideas as to how to improve our wonderful town, but also as an advocate for others. Due to his four years of experience on the town council, the last two as mayor of Verona, Jack is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in what is takes to help run our town and is more than prepared to serve on our Town Council for the next 4 years.

I can think of no better friend to have in my life and no better candidate to vote for in our upcoming Town Council Election. Verona has greatly benefitted from the 4 years that Jack McEvoy has served our town and I firmly believe that our town will continue to be best served by placing your vote for Jack McEvoy to be on the Town Council for the next four years.

Scott Stiefbold
Verona, NJ

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