Letter: McEvoy Has Experience, Knowledge, Love Of Verona


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To the Editor:

Being a Council member is often a thankless job so we owe much to the people who continue to serve our community. We need representatives who love this town, have experience and knowledge of its various needs, are willing to continue working for the town for years. Jack McEvoy is our man for Town Council.

Jack has a genuine appreciation and love of Verona thanking businesses for their generous support of during pandemic and the townspeople for their support of them in return.

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Infrastructure is now a nationwide priority. Jack recognizes our local need, stating “some of our pipes are 100 years old and need to be replaced.”

Two other main issues that Jack promises to pursue are stormwater management and the blasting ordinance.
When stormwater is absorbed into the soil, it is filtered and ultimately replenishes aquifers or flows into streams and rivers. However, when heavy rainwater hits, ground saturated by water creates excess moisture that runs across the surface and into storm sewers and road ditches. Detaining stormwater and removing pollutants is the primary purpose of stormwater management and he’s on top of it.

Many Verona homes are built on bedrock and with new development, blasting can damage existing structures. One example was blasting that was planned for an area in Verona with houses over 100 years old and in danger of the repercussions. Jack was instrumental in halting it until a better solution is possible for all of Verona.

His eye is on the budget and he is proficient in keeping it within reason due to his past four-year experience on the Council.

I believe that that the revenue that marijuana can provide for the town is worth investigating and keeping an open mind on that possibility and listening and debating with the opposition that believes it can be harmful. So perhaps Jack’s support of an opt out position with the ability to opt in the future is a good idea.

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The Rescue Squad deserves a new building. They are so crucial to the safety of our town especially the older and ill residents. Their bravery and dedication has been applauded by Jack who is eager to rectify the situation.

Something important to me is the development of our town center. I love the types of businesses that flourish in the towns around us and add to their revenue. But what about us? We seem to be opening more pizzerias and nail salons. There are only so many nails in town so I support Jack’s idea of adding business that are destination driven, like movie theaters, supermarkets, unique restaurants beyond Italian (though I love our Italian ones). And this is slowly changing. This also speaks to the character of our town and Jack believes one of the keys to a town is its town center.

Again, experience, knowledge, personal and professional investment in the future of Verona and his love of our beautifully expanding town make Jack our choice for Town Council.

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Terry Moore and Kim Shafer
Verona, NJ

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