Letter: Support Fortgang In State Assembly Race


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Dear Editor:

As a resident of Verona I was so grateful last week to attend our Representative Mikie Sherrill’s Town Hall in our own municipal Center. The congresswoman was informed, balanced and compassionate. On issues from immigration reform, to gun safety, to infrastructure she showed how deeply she understands the needs and interests of residents. This is the person that her running opponent, Assemblyman Jay Webber attempted–and failed–to portray as an out of touch extremist, a radical. It didn’t work.

Now Webber is attempting to do the same thing to our neighbor, who is challenging his seat in the New Jersey Assembly: Verona’s Laura Fortgang. Her website reveals that she seeks “common sense solutions” and a balanced approach to issues from gun control, to health care, to a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body.

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In contrast, Webber’s positions, such as a desire to overturn Roe vs. Wade, and his voting record–voting against taking guns aways from criminals and abusers voting against equal pay for equal work–show that he is profoundly out of touch not only with the views and needs of the vast majority of New Jersey residents, but with the views and needs of the vast majority of Americans, who overwhelmingly support gun control and a woman’s right to choose.

Laura lives, works, and sent her children to Verona’s public schools. She understands how the Trump Tax Plan has devastated many of us; Webber supports it and would like to see it made permanent.

It’s clear that because Webber cannot run on his record, his only choice, once again, is to try to make believe his challengers are radical extremists, but we are not dumb and we can see the truth for ourselves. His lies didn’t fly last time, and they won’t fly this time. I am voting for Fortgang, who represents my positions, and those of nearly everyone I know in this town.


Laura Morowitz

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