Summer Wishes, Summer Prayer


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It’s officially been summer for a week.  Everything changes during the summer; traffic patterns, sleep habits…The pace of life can slow down or it can get even crazier! Summer gives us a different outlook on life.  Or at least it does for me; so this is my summer wish or prayer (take your pick) for us all.

This summer may you:

  • drink your coffee and watch the sunrise
  • sip iced tea in the shade of a tree
  • enjoy a glass of wine (or beverage of your choice) as the sun sets
  • sit in an Adirondack chair or lie in a hammock
    • don’t think
    • breath
    • relax
  • bite into a fresh tomato or ear of corn
    • taste it; really taste it
  • lick an ice cream cone or ice pop
    • let it melt in your hand
    • lick you hand clean
  • smell the ocean breeze
  • inhale the mountain air
  • sail on a lake
  • kayak on the river
  • go to the state fair or theme park 
    • ride the rides
    • scream and laugh
    • eat cotton candy
  • squish the sand between your toes
  • walk in the woods
  • have your feet tickled by the grass
  • catch a fish
  • go crabbing
  • listen to the birds songs
  • watch the fireflies
  • run through a field
  • read a good book (or two)
  • throw a frisbee
  • pick peaches or blueberries
  • breath deep
  • feel the sun on your skin
    • use plenty of suntan lotion
  • be awed by fireworks
  • count the stars

If you are traveling this summer:

  • May your days be sunny but if it rains find a good movie and eat lots of popcorn
  • May the traffic be light, but if you get stuck sing aloud, play silly games and laugh
  • Pack one more outfit than you need; just in case
  • Take lots of photos to remember the moments, but also take the time LIVE the moment
  • Be a friend; smile
  • Be safe
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Summer rushes by.  One day it is here and the next it is gone.  Don’t let it slip through your fingers.  Summer is too important to NOT enjoy.  YOU are too important not to take the time to experience all that summer has to offer.

May this summer, no matter what it might bring you, be full of joy and laughter.

Beth Shorten is a life-long resident of Verona. For more than five years, she has been chronicling life here on her personal site, Bfth’s Boring Blog.

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Beth Shorten
Beth Shorten
Beth Shorten is a life-long resident of Verona from a long line of life-long Verona residents. She chronicles life here on her personal site, Bfth’s Boring Blog. 


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