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If you’re looking for something to watch during one of today’s many pro football halftimes and you have the ESPN app, may we suggest a feature produced by a graduate of Verona High School?

As we told you earlier this summer, Eliasof, a 2010 graduate of VHS, landed a job in production at ESPN after receiving getting his degree in broadcast journalism from Penn State in 2014. He is now a content associate, a track meant to develop future producers at the network.

He recently took a big step along that track after being assigned a profile Blair Buswell, known for his sculptures for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Another ESPN associate producer had done the first interview and first shoot with Buswell, Eliasof explains, but when he moved on to a different job at ESPN, the piece was given to Eliasof. The E:60 show follows Buswell’s creation of the Randy Moss bust for the Hall of Fame.

Eliasof says the piece was actually two stories, and he had to figure out how to bring them together. “There was one on the sculptor and how he came to be, and the second on his day with Randy Moss and how he created his bust,” Eliasof. “They didn’t seamlessly go together. The biggest surprise was working with my managers and ESPN team to make the two stories one.”

The piece aired on August 5 during Hall of Fame weekend. You can find it on the E:60 page of the ESPN app.

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