Superintendent’s Corner: New Director Of Special Services


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RuiWebpageThe Verona Public School district is pleased to announce Mr. Frank Mauriello who will join the Verona Public Schools as Director of Special Services in September 2015. Mr. Mauriello is excited about the opportunity to work with an incredible staff and parent community. In his new role, Mr. Mauriello will maintain a collaborative and caring approach with a student-centered focus. He is supportive of open communication and developing positive relationships with colleagues, students, and parents to accomplish district goals. Throughout his 15 years as an educator in the Ridgewood Public Schools, he established a simple philosophy: always place children first. As he transitions to help move the district’s initiatives, Mr. Mauriello will work towards developing positive, open, and trusting relationships with a focus on supporting children.

Prior to arriving in Verona, Mr. Mauriello served in several capacities for the Ridgewood Public Schools as an educator and advocate for special education students. He began his career in Ridgewood as a special education teacher at George Washington Middle School. Through his collaborative teaching experience, Mr. Mauriello supported regular education teachers and worked with students of all abilities through a comprehensive curriculum. He has been fortunate to have eleven years of successful classroom teaching experience. Most recently, he has served as School Social Worker for the Ridgewood Public Schools. As a Child Study Team member, he has gained valuable perspective on special education, coordinated the development of special education programs, and supported parents in making decisions for their children.

Frank Mauriello
Frank Mauriello
For the past four years, Mr. Mauriello has served as the Summer School Principal (K-5) in the Ridgewood Public Schools. Under his leadership, he supervised the district’s Extended School Year Program, managed the school budget, and coordinated the care of the facility. Mr. Mauriello understands the significant role a community plays in order to make sure that we are truly reaching children through comprehensive activities and volunteer programs. By recognizing the social, emotional, and educational needs, Mr. Mauriello became a positive presence in the community. Mr. Mauriello has established a positive rapport among staff, students, and parents through his professional interactions, visibility, and accessibility to people’s needs.

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Mr. Mauriello holds a B.A. in Special Education from William Paterson University, M.A. in Administration and Supervision from the College of Saint Elizabeth, M.A. in Social Work from Kean University, and M.A. in Education and Learning from Nova Southeastern University. He lives in Parsippany with his wife and three children.

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