Superintendent’s Corner: New Year’s Resolutions


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“Choose a goal for which you are willing to exchange a piece of your life.”
–Author Unknown

Rui-DionisioA new school year is our new beginning – an opportunity to build upon our previous accomplishments as we press forward toward continued growth. As educators, the time is now. Our teachers have been hard at work developing unit plans, writing curricula, setting up their classrooms, and welcoming new students to a new school year; our custodial and maintenance staff have visibly transformed our schools; and our administration and administrative assistants have provided the support and guidance needed for a smooth opening of a new school year. Now we must see our plans through and keep up the levels of energy and commitment with which we started the year in order to achieve our goals.

It is an honor to serve our community as Superintendent of Schools. I look forward to working alongside an outstanding group of educators and dedicated, caring parents. As a resident of Verona, I continue to be impressed each day by our close-knit community and commitment to our students. I have had an opportunity in my first several weeks to work closely with many of our teachers, administrators, and parents and I look forward to sustaining the camaraderie and teamwork as we move forward together. This is a year to work tirelessly to support all of our students.

What I love most about September is the opportunity to establish our “New Year’s Resolutions.” The beginning of each school year offers each of us a fresh start with an opportunity for a renewed commitment to our professional practice. I believe that we will continue to flourish as we devote our energy to individual goals and we collectively strive to support our district Strategic Plan.

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I have been welcomed to Verona during a very exciting time. Our schools are alive and well. Our district is an actively vibrant, student-centered educational community focused on empowering our students to achieve their unique individual potential. We continue to encourage our students and look forward to building upon the success of our schools to make them even better than they are today.

The people of Verona have made me feel right at home and I am grateful for the opportunity. I look forward to working with all of you as our “new year’s resolutions” come to fruition and, in that process, strengthen our community.

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