No Skating Yet On Verona Park Lake


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January 2010 was the last time we had a big freeze.
January 2010 was the last time we had a big freeze for skating.
Sarah O’Farrell is an avid ice skater–and an even more avid pond skater–and she emailed us last night to ask when, oh when, the ice would be open for skating in Verona Park.

So we called up Essex County, which runs the park, to ask. And the short answer is, not yet.

The general rules are that the temperature has to be below freezing for seven to 10 days, black ice has to be present and the ice has to be at least four inches thick.

Skating might not be far off, though. According to the National Weather Service, the latest round of below-freezing temps started on January 21 and is expected to continue through January 30. As soon as we hear the ice is open, we’ll let you know.

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