Living In Color: Bold Entrances


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For a relatively small investment, paint color can be the single most transformative element in redefining and changing the feeling of your home. In’s new series, Living in Color, Trish Moore, a color consultant, interior decorator, and the owner of Verona’s Contemporary Color Concepts, will show readers how color, inexpensive ideas and do-it -yourself (DIY) projects can dramatically change and enhance their home. So read on and happy designing!

Make an Entrance:

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Fall is my favorite time of year. A time when nature graces us with the brilliant color of autumn leaves on our daily landscape. The golds, reds, pinks, and oranges make me want to breathe in the world around me. Color connects us to nature in primal way. For this reason I think we should use inspiring colors in our homes to create a colorful backdrop for our lives.

My favorite trend of late is the use of a bold color on a front door. Nothing says welcome to your neighbors and guests like a fabulous color on your entrance. Using a great color on your front door enhances your landscape, gives your home character reflective of who you are, brightens your neighborhood, and gives a warm welcome to all who enter your home.

Using a bold color on your home is not as risky as it sounds. Try a splash of yellow, aqua blue, orange, or red as your new entry color. Pair it with a warm and rich neutral, and a trim color that ties the two together. If you are in the market to paint your own house this could be a fun thing to try.  If painting your entire home is not in the plans or the budget right now, this could be a fun weekend DIY project. Pick a color that coordinates with your existing color, but breathes new life into the overall scheme.

For a DIY weekend project, lightly sand your door. Apply a self priming paint in the color of your choice. Benjamin Moore has a new product called Grand Entrance that comes in satin and high gloss finish; I like the high gloss option for maximum impact! Benjamin Moore Grand Entrance paint is sold only by the quart, and retails for about $27. (Check Verona-owned Red Star Paint and Decorating in Montclair.) Your front door should only require a quart. Good luck!

Contemporary Color Concepts can be found on Facebook and Pinterest for more design inspiration and ideas.

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