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It’s that time of year, folks. Time to clean your junk out of your basement and hope that someone will buy it to add it to the junk in theirs. And, the new companion Web site to, has just made it easier.

One of the many cool features of is that it gives Verona residents a free place to list their garage sales. Yes, free. Sure, you can put it on Craigslist, which is also free, but with all the stuff for sale on Craigslist your listing could just as easily be lost as found.  (By the way, if you want to see what’s for sale on Craigslist in Verona right now, click here. We’ve had that free service on for several months now.)

How do you list your garage sale for free on Start here. It should only take a few seconds to fill in all the information. You can also use the Classifieds section to sell cars and boats, offer a rental or a job (there’s one at Eutopia Beauty Studio), or let the world know about a curbside giveaway. Just one catch: Your ad has to be about something in Verona. No rentals for condos in Cabo San Lucas, please. No garage sales in Caldwell. And please remember that if you plan to hold a garage sale in Verona, you do need to get a permit for it from Town Hall; download the application form here.

What else can you do on ShopVerona for free? List an event, like a concert or a talk. Individuals and non-profits can list events, and so can the businesses that are members of ShopVerona. Greg Moore, a Verona resident who is a financial advisor for Edward Jones, has listed a college savings presentation on the calendar. We’re going to be making this calendar our primary events calendar on soon, too, because it is so easy to use.

Did we mention that the basic business listing on is free, too? That’s right, whether you have a shop or a store on Bloomfield Avenue or you  operate your company from a house with an 07044 zip code, you can list that business for free on Martin Ziolkowski just did that for his construction business. (Full disclosure: Ziolkowski repaired the damage done to my family room by a wayward raccoon in 2010.)

There are listing packages on ShopVerona that aren’t free, but you won’t have to give up too many Starbucks Frappuccinos to afford them, and they’ll do much more for your business. A listing can help you gather the e-mail addresses of new customers and send newsletters to existing ones. It can help you sell online without your own e-commerce Web site and it can help improve the ranking of your existing Web site in search engines. Which means that more people can find your business and do business with you, even if they are not in Verona. Take a tour of today.

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Virginia Citrano
Virginia Citrano
Virginia Citrano grew up in Verona. She moved away to write and edit for The Wall Street Journal’s European edition, Institutional Investor, Crain’s New York Business and Since returning to Verona, she has volunteered for school, civic and religious groups, served nine years on the Verona Environmental Commission and is now part of Sustainable Verona. She co-founded MyVeronaNJ in 2009. You can reach Virginia at [email protected].


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