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Old Cats Need New Homes


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Kathi Gannon sent us a note this morning to let us know that there are several senior cats at the Montclair Animal Shelter who are in need of a new home for the holidays. The Montclair Animal Shelter is Verona’s animal control partner. Gannon says that the shelter is discounting adoption fees on these cats and waiving adoption fees entirely for senior citizens who adopt a senior pet. Here are some of the felines who wait:

Mink, a long-haired dilute calico, came into the shelter when her guardians could no longer care for her. At 14 years of age, this sweet gal is not at all happy to find herself living in a shelter. Because shelter stress can be tough on older cats like Mink, she is currently living in the director’s office, where she can often be found lounging on the couch. She must have a dog in her family tree, because she loves to pick things up in her mouth and move them, like a dog would. Mink is beautiful and she knows it…she can sometimes seem rather aloof but when you get to know here, she is as sweet as can be. Mink is very healthy and should have some quality years left.


Crusty, a gentle elderly male, was found very sick and alone wandering the streets of Montclair. He was in such poor shape that the shelter volunteers did not think he had much of a chance of survival. But with antibiotics and fluids, Crusty came around. Despite his ordeal, this gentle male is one of the most affectionate cats you could ever want to meet; he loves to rub against your legs and if you say his name, he will start purring. Crusty currently resides in the director’s office with his friend Mink but would love to have a home of his own (He must have belonged to someone because he is so people-friendly).


Scooter, a gentle male who had a loving home for 10 years when his family decided that they could no longer care for him. This handsome Maine Coon is somewhat bewildered at finding himself in a cage and eats for comfort. Scooter has some health issues. He has a heart murmur, and because he recently had some teeth pulled, seems most comfortable eating wet food alone. His hips pop out a bit so he may have some arthritis issues down the road. Scooter doesn’t deserve life in a cage and wants desperately to find a loving home.


Momma is 16 years old and was surrendered to the shelter when her family could no longer care for her. For her age, she is in amazingly good health so most likely has many years left to spend with a loving guardian. The poor girl sits in her cage wondering where the good life went. Please consider opening your home and heart to Momma in her golden years.

For further information about Mink, Crusty, or other cats, dogs, or small furry animals, please call the Montclair Shelter at (973) 744-8600. The shelter, located at 77 North Willow Street in Montclair, is open on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. and on Tuesday from 2-5 p.m. Animals may be seen by appointment on Monday and Thursday.

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