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What 7th Grade Is Really Like


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There’s a first for everything. Whether it’s your first time learning to read, your first time riding a bike, or your first day of school, the first step is always a bit scary. Going into grade seven, kids always have worries. Are the teachers mean? Will we get a lot of homework? Is the work really challenging? Will my friends still be my friends? Seventh grade is a year full of adventure. It may seem frightening at first, but it is such an eventful year.

The teachers in 7th grade are all very nice. They have a passion for teaching and have lots of experience. Some teachers may seem intimidating at first, but if you give them a chance, you will learn to adapt to their individual teaching styles. By giving each teacher a clean slate, you can form your own personal opinion about them. This will really help out in the long run.

Homework is one of those parts of school that no one cares for. It always feels like a chore, and can get in the way of extracurricular activities. However, in most classes, homework can make or break your grade. In some classes more than others, missing more than two assignments can drop you a whole letter grade! By doing your homework every night, not only are you helping your grade, but you are proving to yourself and others that you are a responsible 7th grader.

Work in 7th grade can be challenging at times. It is known to be the most challenging grade in middle school-but everyone gets through it. In order to succeed, it is crucial to pay close attention in class and take good notes. Studying hard is also very important in order to do well in grade seven.

There’s one other part of 7th grade which makes things crazy: drama. It always somehow finds its way into the picture. Because of drama, friendships do change. Often friends take different paths and go into different directions. Throughout 7th grade, students drift away from some friends and befriend others. You as well as your peers will change physically and emotionally. As events occur, students will discover who their true friends really are. Always stay true to yourself throughout the process. It is important to set social problems aside during class and not let them interfere with your schoolwork. If you mix the two together; that’s when the real problems occur.

Seventh grade, however, can also be a lot of fun. First of all, you get a big hallway locker which is a lot more convenient. You have the privilege of gym and foreign language classes every day, as well as one English class period. You also have the chance to take part in the Track and Field unit, and school volleyball championships. Seventh grade brings more responsibility, but also so many incredible opportunities.

Dominique Marino is now in her last year at HBW. She writes the column “Middle School Insider”. To read our student-written reports on other grades, click here.

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