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What 6th Grade Is Really Like


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In my opinion, going from 4th to 5th grade was more of a change than going from 5th to 6th. By now you should be used to all the differences, such as new lockers and bigger rooms and where to go. In both 5th and 6th grades, you stay to your own sections of the school and the 7th and 8th graders are in a different part. I guess I would say the biggest difference between 5th and 6th grade is that in 6th grade the work is more of a challenge.

Even though the work may be harder, some of it can still be kind of fun. You will be assigned a lot of projects in 6th grade. There is a project in math class called the geometry book in which you take some shapes from a piece of paper and find pictures of them in the real world. Then you put each page together and make a book. I think that this was a long but fun project.

You also do an invention project for social studies where you choose an invention and write about how it changes through the years. You have to choose an invention created during the 1850s to the 1930s. The project can be fun if you do it about something you like or have. I did my invention project on the electric guitar. It was fun because I got to learn about the electric guitar. Another project is a poem book you will create in English class where you write a lot of different poems and put them into a big book.

Those are some of the interesting projects in 6th grade. There was also a new subject called oceanography where you learn about the ocean and all the sea animals that live in the ocean. It is a fun subject if you like art because you do a lot of art projects in this class.

So the biggest difference is mostly that the work is slightly harder and there are a few other changes that aren’t too bad. Depending on your teachers, you may spend a lot more time doing homework; I know I did. Lunch is about an hour later, which is good because in 5th grade we ate really early. There is no trip like the 5th grade Camp Bernie trip but there is one trip to the Bronx Zoo. This is the only trip that we had in 6th but you get to learn about all kinds of animals and you get to take the bus to New York.

I really liked both years. But they were both different. I guess I liked 6th grade better because I felt like I knew more about being at HBW. Hopefully 7th grade will be just as much fun and not too much harder.

Ben Robinson is starting 7th grade at HBW. To read our student-written reports on other grades, click here.

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