Class Of 2011 Scholarships


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Verona High School’s Class of 2011 received $112,000 in scholarships at the school’s Senior Awards Night on June 2. Local businesses, non-profit organizations, community organizations and local residents were present to hand out the awards, which recognized students who excelled in academics, athletics and arts, as well as those who contributed in many ways to the school and to Verona.

Scholarship Name Recipients
Cameco, Inc. Scholarship Gregory Keating
Jeanette Albano Memorial Scholarship Daniel Moczula
John R. DiTrani Athletic Scholarship Logan Bronson
Michael Malfettano Memorial Scholarship Alyssa Malfettano
Thomas Patrick Stewart Memorial Scholarship Matthew Rosenfeld & Emilyanne Smith
Al Rotella Memorial Scholarship Robert Kaslander
Verona Unico Scholarships Kimberly Castellanos, Ryan DeNora, Nicolas Freschi, Emma Newkirk, Gopi Patolia
West Essex Lodge #7 F.&A.M. Samuel Bendtson
Verona Eagles Scholarship Matthew Rosenfeld, Alyssa Malfettano, Gregory Schiffenhaus
Karl Weber Memorial Scholarship Theresa Courter
VHS Lacrosse Parents Association Caroline Brenneis, Jack Denton, Gregory Keating, Carly Maestas, Paige Zebrowski
Stephen P. Gaffney Memorial Scholarship Hailey Harrington
Josh Rappaport Memorial Scholarship Kimberly Castellanos, Paul Corrente, Alison Perna, Matthew Rosenfeld, Michael Verschleiser
Alex Weissenborn Memorial Scholarship Matthew Rosenfeld
Louis Braschi Memorial Scholarship Alyssa DiGiacinto
Jerold B. Graff M.D. Scholarship Jody Freinkel
P. E. O. Sisterhood Jody Freinkel
Verona Baseball/Softball League Scholarlship Brian Hill, Jason Lawrence, Matthew Rosenfeld, Michael Verschleiser
Verona Recreation Department Scholarship Danielle Ackerson, Logan Bronson, Paul Corrente, William LaRiccia, Alyssa Malfettano, Matthew Rosenfeld, Emilyanne Smith, Briana Tansey, Michael Verschleiser
Eight Hills Caterers/Lakeside Deli Scholarships Jason Lawrence, Kelly Scully
Verona PBA Scholarships Craig Cundari, Alyssa Malfettano
Woman’s Club of Verona Community Service Award Caroline Brenneis, Logan Bronson, Kimberly Castellanos, Paul Corrente, Colin Cummings, Montana DelColle, Alyssa DiGiacinto, Donna Jo DiNorcia, Mariya Guzner, Alison Perna, Cristiano Queiroz, Briana Tansey, Ryan Thomas, Paige Zebrowski
William J. Erwin September 11, 2001 Scholarship Alexander Sniatkowski
Stephen L. Roach September 11, 2001 Scholarship Paul Corrente
Verona Track and Field Boosters Scholarship Edward Congdon, Joseph Costa, Montana DelColle, Jason Lawrence, Rebecca Lee, Sean McGinley, Kweku Sapara-Grant,Sh Kelly Scully, Luke Sheehan, Ryan Thomas
Verona Lions Club Service Awards Paul Corrente, Donna Jo DiNorcia
Verona Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship Danielle Ackerson, Hailey Harrington, Amanda Reyes, James Staudinger
Minette Grasso McKenna Angel Foundation Scholarship Hailey Harrington
Daniel Pritchard Memorial Scholarshp Alyssa Malfettano
Verona Education Association – Retired Scholarship Julieanne Boyle
College Woman’s Club of Montclair Scholarship Ella Barnes, Julieanne Boyle, Montana DelColle, Jody Freinkel, Mariya Guzner, Mette Kolind
Verona United Soccer Club Scholarship Eva Brandt, Colin Cummings
Verona Swim Parents Association Scholarship Joseph Fitzmaurice, Cristiano Queiroz
Christopher C. Maziarz “Mr. 60” Memorial Scholarship Taylor DelColle
Verona Alumni Association Scholarship Gopi Patolia, Cristiano Queiroz
League of Women Voters Citizenship Award Daniel Moczula
Verona High School SCA Scholarships Jack Denton, Daniel Moczula, Colin Cummings, Ella Barnes, Ryan Denora, Logan Bronson, Mette Kolind, Paige Zebrowski, Gopi Patolia, Donna Jo DiNorcia, Mariya Guzner, Gregory Schiffenhaus, Alexander Sniatkowski, Alison Perna, Jason Lawrence, Carly Maestas, Anthony DeCandia
Forest Avenue SCA Scholarships Daisy Bourne and Claire Spardel
F. N. Brown SCA Scholarships Paul Corrente and Briana Tansey
Brookdale Avenue SCA Scholarships Caroline Brenneis and Montana DelColle
Laning Avenue SCA Scholarships Sean McGinley and Jody Freinkel
Laning Avenue Anna Casabona Scholarship Emma Newkirk
H. B. Whitehorne SCA Scholarships Kimberly Castellanos and Nicholas Freschi
Junior Woman’s Club of Verona Scholarships Caroline Brenneis, Colin Cummings, Thomas Smith
Fifth Downers Scholarship Joseph Costa, Alyssa Malfettano, Ralph Minelli, Matthew Rosenfeld, Ryan Thomas
C.H.I.L.D, Inc. Scholarships Miho Watabe and Gordon Watkins
Verona Hockey Boosters Scholarship Gregory Schiffenhaus, Joseph Fitzmaurice, Daniel Bryan, Connor O’Neil, Robert Serafino, Rocky Guidcipietro
Sons of Verona Scholarship Michael Verschleiser
U. S. Marine Corps Scholarship MUSIC – Julianne Boyle and Gregory Keating; ATHLETIC – Colin Farawell and Donna Jo DiNorcia, ACADEMIC – Jody Freinkel and Jack Denton
Investors Savings Bank Scholarship Rebecca Gannon and Daniel Moczula
Verona Jr. Wrestling Scholarship Craig Cundari, Taylor DelColle, Steven Hahula, Colin Farawell
Verona High School Drama Department Awards Kimberly Castellanos and Juliet Carvajal
Salvation Army Scholarship Christopher Chasse
Verona Garden Club Mariya Guzner
Verona Education Association Awards Danielle Prezioso and Kweku Sapara-Grant
Verona Senior Citizens Claire Boyle Scholarship Kimberly Castellanos and Cassandra Jung
Joseph and Elizabeth Pirrello Education Scholarship Lauren Marden
Verona High School “Class of 1972” Scholarship Thomas Smith
Cedar Grove Elks Scholarship Aria Straus
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