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Crock It! A Retrospective


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February 14 will mark a year of Crock It! recipes. I’ve enjoyed trying new recipes and sharing my results with anyone inclined to read about them. In the past year I’ve learned a few things and am thankful for many others.

Thank you…
To my husband for his support and my family’s willingness to try new meals;
To the publishers with whom I have worked for your permission to reproduce your recipes;
To readers for all the times you stopped me to let me know you tried a recipe, were about to try a recipe, or just read about a recipe;
To Virginia for the opportunity to write about my experiences.

I’ve learned that…
When it comes to slow cookers, size really does matter.
More people read and try the recipes than I ever knew; thank you for sharing your stories with me.
Not all recipes convert easily from stove to slow cooker.
If a recipe calls for placing a towel on top of your slow cooker before cooking, be sure to do that, otherwise your food will be soggy.
Cooking the recipes is easier than photographing them. This is my least favorite picture.
Just because a recipe is out there doesn’t mean it’s a good one. Sometimes you have to improvise.
My favorite recipes are the ones that don’t require pre-cooking meat.
While much cooler than using the stove or oven, in a summer loaded with 100 degree days, even the slow cooker made my kitchen way too hot.
Some days are so busy even the slow cooker can’t help. Order pizza!

In the coming year, I’m looking to share more, try more, and keep it interesting for everyone–especially my own family.

Happy Cooking!

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