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Rush! Rush! And more rush! Life is like a circus, and I am a clown, juggling ten activities at once. “Off to cheering! Off to basketball! On my way to music lessons!”What did happen to jump roping in the backyard or playing stickball in the street? What a world we live in!

It’s funny how times have changed so much through the years. In reality, what would we do without iPods, cell phones, computers, and especially cars? Our parents are our own personal taxi drivers. They drive us and our friends everywhere we have to go-one place, after another. From school, to practice, to game, to party, to hangout, we never stop moving. However, our academics are our #1 priority, which must be finished first!

Middle school is such an adventure! The problem is so many distractions and schedules conflict with schoolwork.

Middle school is a time where students really find themselves, change physically and emotionally, and learn who their true friends really are. As a middle school student myself, I see these changes everyday; not only in my peers but also in myself. As I get older, I am realizing that people can change and grow. With proper guidance, these changes are usually for the better-but without it, they can be for the worse. Throughout the years of middle school, it is amazing to see the new people we’re becoming.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, and enjoy life as kids should! Part of growing up is learning to cope with issues! As long as we get our schoolwork done, it is healthy to grow and learn how to deal with the little obstacles in life! Sometimes, a little rush is good–it keeps us going. And even though it sometimes has a funny way of showing it, life makes things happen for a reason. Every day, we learn how to deal with little issues. We stress and rush to do things, but there’s no reason to stress. Regardless of what generation you’re from, decide what’s important to you in life, because life is too short to stress about the unimportant.

“Middle School Insider” is a new column by Dominique Marino, who attends H.B. Whitehorne Middle School.

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