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Where In Verona Is It? Week 26


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The Where in Verona photo contest has reached the half-year point: Today is its 26th edition.

I figure that since we are in the middle of winter, I would put together a little different version of the contest. So here goes.

In winter it snows and with the snow we shovel, blow, throw and bush the snow out of the way.  In most cases when we do this we create piles. For this week, I have taken pictures of four of the larger piles of snow in town.

So I ask of you, Where in Verona are these snow piles? One hint: All of these piles are either on Bloomfield Avenue or within 200 feet of it.

UPDATE: We’ve added a second photo of every snow pile to show more background.

[imagebrowser id=64]

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  1. Is #2 across the street from Verona Park?

    (I think we need photos of flowers blooming in Verona and patches of green…I think Verona has had enough snow this season).

  2. 1: HBW
    2: Everett Field
    3: building next to bloomfield ave bridge – same side as Capri pizza
    4: VCC front parking lot

  3. 1. HBW/Terry’s Parking Lot (looking at the back of HBW)
    2. VCC Parking Lot (looking across Bloomfield Ave)
    3. ?
    4. Henry’s Parking Lot

  4. Snowpile#3 Don’t know the name of the place giving clues that are going to give it away Bloomfield Ave, between blfd ave and pine, nearly across the street from forest ave, Tobias Morgan studios use to be very close by. Design place

  5. #1. Municipal Lot Behind Terry’s/HBW
    #2 Firehouse#1 lot/VCC
    #3 Verona Carpets’s 770 Bloomfield Ave, across from Forest Ave.
    # 4 Karuzer’s Grove Ave.

  6. Nick, congratulations on getting location number 3, and thanks Mike for summing them all up. I need to get a few hats out to cover all the guesses this week, but Mike, did I ever deliver the hat from your earlier win?

  7. Yes Thank You I wear it proudly. Ill take a pass for someone else to have mine if I got one this week. I enjoy playing.


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