Crock It! Lacquered Short Ribs With Spicy Ginger Sauce


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I love a good rib recipe. When this one landed in my in-box from Cuisine at Home e-recipes, the title alone made me smile. The words spicy and lacquer in a recipe is a delicious combination. The suggestion from the editors was to cook while you shop. For me, it meant cook while you decorate the house for Christmas. So, we did. I made dinner around breakfast time and we took the rest of the day to finally decorate the house for Christmas.

Lacquered Short Ribs with Spicy Ginger Sauce


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3 lbs. beef short ribs, trimmed and seasoned with salt and black pepper

1 Tbsp. vegetable oil

½ Cup chopped scallions

1/4 Cup minced fresh ginger

¼ Cup packed brown sugar

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¼ Cup rice wine vinegar

¼ Cup Sriracha sauce

¼ Cup molasses

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¼ Cup Hoisin sauce

¼ Cup fresh lime juice

1 Tsp. fennel seed

¼ Tsp. red pepper flakes

What’s Next

  • Brown ribs in oil in a large sauté pan over medium-high heat about 10 minutes, working in batches if necessary.
  • Transfer ribs to a 4-6 quart slow cooker
  • Combine scallions, ginger, brown sugar, vinegar, Sriracha, molasses, Hoisin sauce, lime juice, fennel seed, and pepper flakes for the spicy ginger sauce in a measuring cup with a pour spout. Pour sauce over ribs.
  • Cover slow cooker and cook ribs until tender, on high heat setting for 4-6 hours or on low heat setting for 7-9 hours.
  • Serve sauce over ribs.

Notes from my experience

  • I used regular sized beef ribs because I was in a rush at the store and that’s all that was there. They worked out fine for portions, but were a little big in my Crock Pot.
  • The flavors were delicious and it wasn’t too spicy.
  • My kids ate it, which is always a bonus and proof that it wasn’t too spicy.
  • I served this with mashed potatoes, which was a great side for the bold flavors of the meat.
  • I’m looking forward to using this sauce again with pork ribs and/or chicken thighs.

Want to know more about my Crock It! Series? You can read all about it here.

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  1. Hi Tracy,
    I love to cook and love your recipes! So I am mad at myself that I don’t know what “Sriracha sauce” is???? Hope you are still singing to your kiddies while you cook!!


  2. Hi Holly! I love that you love the recipes and I can’t believe you remember us from so many years ago. There is a lot of singing- but now it’s the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez unless we’re driving and then it’s classic rock and I’m the one singing. :)
    Sriracha sauce is a Chinese hot sauce with a thicker consistency than Tabasco or Frank’s. It was actually easier to find than I expected- I plugged it in to my Shop Rite online grocery list and it came with my order. (This was Shop Rite in Bloomfield). Hope that helps! By the way- I didn’t know what it was either until I used it.

  3. Tracy,
    Thanks so much! And of course I remember all of you!
    Lots of different kinds of music in my house too with my 18,16 and 12 year old boys!!! Time flies that is for sure.
    Keep the recipes coming.


  4. I made this tonight for dinner with country-style pork ribs instead of beef. The 1/4 of Sriracha sauce seemed like it was going to make the whole dish searingly hot. But I trusted Tracy’s recipe testing. Glad I did–it was delicious!


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