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Crock It! Tacos


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My kids requested tacos for dinner. Not a bad idea since I wasn’t in the mood to “cook.” However, I also wasn’t in the mood to clean my stove and I was dreading the browning, simmering, and constant monitoring of the meat. I had a brainstorm and tried something new. I made the meat in my Crock-Pot. Saved myself  time, cleaning and that inevitable “I need more water” situation.


2 lbs. ground pork (we have a beef allergy in my family)
2 boxes Old El Paso hard and soft taco dinner kits
grated cheese
shredded lettuce
any other toppings you like for a taco.

What’s Next:

  • Brown the meat in a dutch oven on the stove. (It will save you from cleaning massive amounts of splattering grease)
  • Drain the meat to get rid of most of the fat and empty into slow cooker.
  • Add 1 cup of water, 2 packets of taco seasoning, one packet of taco sauce.
  • Cover and cook on low for 4-5 hours.
  • Arrange and serve tacos as desired according to taste.

Notes from my experience:
I think I have found a new way to always make tacos. I was able to start this at 12:30 p.m. and not worry about how busy my afternoon might be.

I will also say that I think the flavor was better than when traditionally cooked on the stove. And my final favorite thing: When I do this on the stove, I am constantly heating, re-heating, and adding water to the pan. I was able to make this once and my Crock-Pot did the rest, keeping the meat warm until the last of us was finally done eating.

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  1. i discovered this shortcut myself earlier this summer. i’ve cooked the tacos this way twice. i actually skipped the browning and draining step (anything for a shortcut). the first time the meat was fattier, the second time, leaner. when it did have more fat in it we simply scooped it up with a slotted spoon, pressed the meat against the side of the crock pot to drain the fat out and prepared the tacos! easy! the second time that wasn’t even necessary.

    it’s a great idea that gets two thumbs up from me!


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